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About Us

Arnel has been trading since 1967, originally operating as a family business based in Waltham Abbey, Essex. Its roots were based in the cash register industry originally as a reseller and then as a developer of bespoke software.

As cash registers moved from mechanical to electronic there was a demand for more information from the register. Arnel embraced this requirement and developed unique code to satisfy the growing customer requirements of cash register integration into electronic business accounting systems. With swift development and the production of reliable software we rapidly become the market leader in this field.
Our technical skill set quickly enabled us to become a innovator within the EPOS market while bringing products to market quicker than our larger competitors.

An enquiry from one of Arnel’s larger high street clients, for interlaced video footage with EPOS data was the catalyst for Arnel's entry into the CCTV arena. A successful implementation enabled Arnel to take the expertise it had in software and hardware design to the security market.

In 1984 the transformation coalesced into what the company is today. Arnel are a market leader of security systems to the service sector and remains responsive to our customer's needs and requirements

The company’s expansion into this market saw the migration of its company base to its current headquarters in Ware, Hertfordshire. Arnel House is now home to the manufacture and software development of the Evigilo brand of products. Its also home to the R&D lab where new products are continually being developed.

Our Ethos, instilled throughout our team, is to listen to the customer and respond to their requirement to deliver quality products through the use of the latest technologies.